Copyright (C) 2005 Indrek Kruusa

Traditional but powerful cross-platform calculator. It is written in python and it uses wxWidgets as GUI (project is developed with Boa Constructor). By use of SciPy the vaCalculator can solve linear systems, do math with polynomials, integration etc.
And it is absolutely free to use!

Current status is beta: you should use only keyboard to input data. All those fancy buttons are fake at moment. But this may be the way you want it to be. Multiline editing and variables declaring can be broken. The most better way to reach the reasult is operate on the one (first) line. Linear algebra should be OK.

Minimum Requirements

- python 2.3.5
- wxPython 2.6.1
- SciPy 0.3.2

Download and install

Package can be downloaded from Sourceforge. Run it just like "python".
For more information see DEVELOPMENT.txt

Use the Help menu in runtime or read here the
User guide

Just drop me a line indrek.kruusa () tuleriit () ee