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User Guide

vaCalculator is traditional but powerful crossplatform calculator.
Development is in beta stage so the program may not work as expected or as described here.

It works with following configuration:

It may work with other versions of particular software.

How To Use

For all calculating modes the keyboard on screen is almost useless at moment: calculator can be controlled only by directly typing into calculating window.

C” or Clear is functional: it clears variables memory and screen too.

MODE: Normal

In this mode calculator will evaluate or calculate every single line after pressing Enter. Result will be displayed at the end of the current line and also it will be carried onto the next line as default value for new calculation.

GRAD/RAD: current values are evaluated as radians. If you need to enter grad values then use radians() function (see example).

It is possible to use additional variables too. If you know about python programming language then you should know: it is almost true python commandline evaluator :)

Integration will return two values: [x,y] First one is result and second is measured error (?).

You can pick up only result: IT(expr)[0]


1 + 2.1415 ( ...and press Enter)

3.1415 * sin(radians(90))/(pi**2)


MODE: Algebra

From chooser select ALGB and Linear System.

Insert 2 or 3 “level” linear system, onto last line type only question mark and press Enter.


1x + 1y - 1z = 9

6x + 6y - 1z = 17

14x - 7y -2z = 42

? (... and press Enter)

MODE: Algebra

From chooser select ALGB and Determinant

In this mode determinant will be calculated. Insert space separated values, into the last line insert question mark and press Enter:

3 7 4

6 4 2

6 7 7

? (... and press Enter)

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